On entering our client's industrial mews house, a previously carpeted stairway, with the original, raw elements of the building cover & boxed in, has been turned into an artistic statement. Made from linoleum, glowing from recessed warm lighting and framed by exposed brick and steel, this initial greeting in to the property hints at the realms of creative possibilities that lay within.


As the property had little outdoor space, we were asked to create a green area within. With creative freedom and an open mind, we designed a hanging garden, above an impressive dining area, that is self maintaining via a simple but effective irrigation system. It is an ever changing formation, as the plants grow and weave together, whilst the copper finish on the underside changes over time, giving it even more character. This stunning viewpoint is then finished off by a bespoke fabric backdrop giving subtle texture & soft eclectic colour ways.


Keen art collectors, our client's wanted to display their pieces, particularly in the living area, where original furniture, sculpture and prints are placed, with specialist lighting. 


With its vast open plan floor space, exposed high ceilings and industrial detailing, this vibrant and inventive scheme is allowed to breath, thus not being overpowering.


The finished result is playful & spirited whilst also being, elegant & unique.

Photography - Rei Moon