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Unify, Expansive, Inspiring, Sustainable, Airy 
Spiral Staircase
Multifunction Area
Multifunctional Area with Flexible Panels
Waiting Area
Silent Area
Looking into the Kids Area
Kids Area

Our mission at T h e  L i b r a r y  is to bring a sense of unity within the local community. We welcome people from all walks of life to join us at any time of the day to have a chat, explore local talents, as well as work or study. Whilst sampling our locally sourced fresh, organic beverages and snacks - all presented in sustainable packaging to help protect our earth for future generations. 

The Library also provides multi-disciplinary spaces including flexible performance areas for live performances, private hire and exhibition, as we help to nurture upcoming talents. We value our community here at The Library, which is why we organise fundraisers for local schools and other local projects within the community. As well as weekly classes starting from children, teenagers and young adults, helping them to chase their dreams - right up to our seasoned seniors, wanting to learn new tricks!  We aim to support future generations for years to come.

The Library is a multifunctional community space which has a flexible, vibrant, playful yet calming interior for all. The pride of the community, it perfectly represents the multicultural area it serves. It provides beautifully designed, spacious areas to fit the needs of the individual, whether they are reading, studying, working, socialising or performing, whilst still having strong connections to the outside world. There are also private rooms for hire, enabling us to offer talking therapies, as well as meeting spaces. 

Ground Floor
First Floor
Ground Floor Plan R2.png
First floor plan R2.png
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