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Cash Desk
Front Display
Treatment Room
Central Display Area
Back seating and Info Desk
Free Standing Display
Yoga Studio

White Space Yoga has joined forces with ‘Elements’, to promote wellbeing in the community by focusing on healthy lifestyles and sustainability. Their mission is to help encourage healthy lifestyle choices, benefiting both people and the planet. Enabling the customer to attain increased health, happiness, knowledge, strength and wisdom.

Inspiration for the project comes from 4 of our planet's main essential natural elements - Air, Earth, Fire and Water. Allowing easy flow betweens each element’s zones. The use of specially chosen materials enhances the quality of air, grounding,light, sound and ambience within the space. The innovative integration of the air circulating feathers at the reception desk, the rock and water walls, along with the glowing salt bricks in the treatment pods, are some of the key elements of this creative and bold design - a feast for the senses!

The space is divided into 5 key areas; the welcoming entrance space, the homeware and wellbeing store, wellbeing treatment pods, cafe and a yoga studio. We also provide beautiful, flow inspired changing and washing facilities in the basement for overall well-being.

All the defined areas have their own unique feel and elemental finish yet the transition between them is naturally gentle and fluid.

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Ground Level
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Screenshot 2024-04-19 191213.png
Screenshot 2024-04-19 191248.png
Screenshot 2024-04-19 191327.png
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