Architect - Turner Architects
Photography - Adam Scott Images

A Victorian terraced house nestled within the quiet leafy residential streets close to the exciting south London urban hub of Brixton, sits the family home of our lovely clients'. Needing a larger home to house their expanding brood, including several treasured pets, they decided to expand rather than move from their much loved home. The structural works, brilliantly conceived and realised by Turners Architects, included a side return extension into their small garden and a loft extension. 


With the need to inject new life into their home, we set out to reflect the oodles of creative flair the family have, into the interior of the house. Whilst remaining mindful of the stringent need for their home to run smoothly and practically on a day to day basis, to manage the high traffic that pounds through it daily.


With a nod to Scandi simplicity, including the use of raw natural materials, the higher ground had to be given to old school glamour - with elegant tweaks of warm brushed metals, lush jewel coloured velvets, decorative wallcoverings, striking use of contrasting wall paints and mid century furniture - all topped off with subtly patterned rugs & vintage styled glass & metal lighting


Being child & pet friendly was an ultimate priority throughout but space was carefully carved out for the grown ups in the house to have a few sacred moments. This meant a cocktail lounge snug within the living area and precious calming spaces for working, resting, and preparing for or winding down from the day.


Although those all important grown up spaces were honoured, we took great care in including the children's dreams & wishes for their bedrooms also, who unsurprisingly are also growing up with fabulous creative vision.


As always within a family home, storage was vitally important, ensuring that only those carefully selected key pieces were displayed by choice - rather than fitted in amongst life's daily clutter, was a challenge. Great thought was given to creating spaces for nic-nacks to easily nestle quietly within them....


With simple maintenance and functionality also being top of the agenda, every element required space to breath, as well as requiring that same space to be comfortably used by all, at any time. Nowhere else exemplified this more than in the through kitchen/diner/outside space which all seamlessly flows, in a more serene Scandi environment. With clever design features including a breakfast station for those hectic early morning scrums, open & closed storage plus further storage within the banquette, the need for aesthetic beauty & a bit of an injection of nature was never far behind. This was provided by way of thoughtful original finishes and a zen approach to the garden design.